Blogging and Accountability in the Local Church (Guest-Blog by Derek Brown)

This week my good friend Derek Brown will be guest-blogging for me.  We got to know each other during a summer missions trip to New Zealand in 2000 and have remained good friends ever since.  Derek is married to Amy and currently attends Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville after serving as a middle school pastor for several … More Blogging and Accountability in the Local Church (Guest-Blog by Derek Brown)

In God’s Eyes: The Danger of Defining Ourselves

It’s interesting to read the sidebars and the “About Me’s” and the self-descriptions of people in the internet world.  From our screen names to our self-descriptive adjectives, most of us seem to work hard at defining ourselves to those who barely know us and are willing to believe the best (or at least to suspend … More In God’s Eyes: The Danger of Defining Ourselves

Harder to Live

About ten minutes ago I finished a long and thought-out post about rejoicing in the midst of trials instead of simply rejoicing in hindsight.  It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot over the past few months.  I felt that it was worth it to stay up later to write it, even though I knew … More Harder to Live

Girl Talk

For you ladies, there’s a good blog out there called “Girl Talk” that you ought to check out.  It’s authored by the four main women in CJ Mahaney’s life — his wife and his three married daughters. Here’s Carolyn Mahaney’s lowdown on the most recent series of posts: “Over the next several days, each of the girls … More Girl Talk

Joining FoolishBlog

I’ve been asked to join FoolishBlog as a writer there, and I’ve accepted the invitation.  FoolishBlog is maintained by Eric and Heather Zeller (husband and wife) and Eric’s younger brother Scott.  I went to school with all three of them, and consider them to be like-minded friends. I still plan on writing regularly here, but … More Joining FoolishBlog

A Walk in the Woods

DISCLAIMER: This post may sound anti-internet or anti-blog or anti-blog-reading.  It’s not.  It’s pro-something. The blog scene is somethin’ fierce these days.  I’m nothing short of amazed (and overwhelmed) by the sheer number of voices out there trumpeting everything under the sun.  Good writers, in-depth research, valuable discussions, and perspectives as broad as the world … More A Walk in the Woods

A Good Blog: “Between Two Worlds”

If you want a good blog to keep up with, try  It belongs to Justin Taylor, who is the 28-year-old Director of Theology for DesiringGod ministries (Pastor John Piper).  He calls his blog “Between Two Worlds: A Mix of Theology, Philosophy, Politics, and Culture.”  It’s worthwhile for a number of reasons: Taylor updates it … More A Good Blog: “Between Two Worlds”

Other things are filling up the days now, so I’m choosing to abandon xanga.  Thanks for being gracious enough to read my posts.  My online writing energies will now be directed towards the new website that my wife Cindi has designed for us –  Maybe a blog or two will come out of it.  … More