The World Cup and the Wonder of Humanity

Like some of you, I watched the United States’ national soccer team on its hair-raising journey into the quarterfinals of the ongoing 2010 World Cup.  By allowing opponents to score within the first ten minutes of every game, the team ensured a tournament journey filled with tension and drama.  Yet by producing comeback after comeback, … More The World Cup and the Wonder of Humanity

Ambiguous Art

I appreciate art, but it can be very ambiguous.  Of course, art-lovers would argue that this is one of its greatest strengths, and I would conditionally agree.  It can leave things open to wondering and interpretation.  It can make people think and ponder.  It doesn’t usually let you arrive at a concrete end of your … More Ambiguous Art

Climbing Half Dome in Yosemite National Park

The guy RD’s decided to hike Half-Dome in Yosemite this weekend (Jeff Lewis, Dave Hulet, Siona Savini, and I).  The only other time I was in Yosemite is long enough ago for me not to remember anything about it.  I’ll certainly remember this time, though. The hike was 15.2 miles roundtrip.  We gained around 4,800 feet … More Climbing Half Dome in Yosemite National Park


If you were to go to right now and type in “Newhall, California” as your location, you would see something like this: Partly Cloudy 110° F Feels Like 119° For those of you who go to Master’s and live in Santa Clarita nine months out of the year, you can be glad that this is not one … More 110°


Yesterday was Father's Day.  Tomorrow is Judah's six-month birthday.  So today has a lot of meaning for me.  This new poem called "See" is what I've been thinking lately, as best as I can express it and as best as I can make the 11×17" double-column print version look on a blog.  This is also my new … More “See”

From Oklahoma

Cindi and I are in Oklahoma right now with our parents, relaxing, which I've been realizing is a novel idea to me.  I once wrote a twenty-two page seminary paper on the biblical concept of rest, but I haven't learned to apply what I learned yet.  Learning how to rest biblically can be hard work.  But … More From Oklahoma

Rainbow Fire

Speaking of beautiful things in God's creation, check this out.  It's real: Here's the explanation. And here's the ultimate explanation.  And here's what all of this is all about.

A Walk in the Park

After dinner yesterday, Cindi and I went for a walk in a local park.  It’s a good thing to be outside, especially during seasons of life that are especially busy.  It’s a reminder of many things, one of them being the fact that the world is much bigger than my little life.  Another is that … More A Walk in the Park

“Hot Providence”: A Cookbook Introduction

If you like to eat, or cook, or just like to see how God mirrors His glory and goodness in every little thing in the universe, read Hot Providence.  It’s Doug Wilson’s foreword to the Christ Church cookbook (he’s the pastor).  Cookbook introductions aren’t supposed to be so delightful, well-written, and of all things, theological.  Then again, perhaps everything is … More “Hot Providence”: A Cookbook Introduction