Girl Talk

For you ladies, there’s a good blog out there called “Girl Talk” that you ought to check out.  It’s authored by the four main women in CJ Mahaney’s life — his wife and his three married daughters. Here’s Carolyn Mahaney’s lowdown on the most recent series of posts:

“Over the next several days, each of the girls [the Mahaney daughters] will recount her personal journey of falling in love with the man who is now her husband… But first we thought it would be helpful to talk briefly about courtship; specifically, I want to answer the question of what we taught our daughters to look for in a husband…”

Be sure to check out the “Categories” list on the left side of their blog.  There you can quickly find topics that you’d like to hear their thoughts on.

My generation desperately needs young women to think biblically in all areas of life, and one of the most difficult areas for women to do that in is relationships.  So go enjoy some good, sanctified Girl Talk.


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