Rwanda’s Deinstitutionalization Project for Children

This past Thursday, July 28, Hope and Homes for Children (HHC) along with the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion (MIGEPROF) in Rwanda met to advance the Deinstitutionalization Project. The project aims to establish “a network to prevent new entries of children in orphanages and support the move of children in the birth families, extended … More Rwanda’s Deinstitutionalization Project for Children

Signing for Forever

After we met our three new children on Father’s Day and spent the allotted two hours with them (3:00–5:00pm), we watched them scurry back down the long steps along the side wall of the orphanage compound, back to familiar surroundings and small friends. We turned left out of the compound and up the steep “Dancing … More Signing for Forever

On the Edge of Adoption: Reflections on a Long Journey of Grace

The clock strikes 12:03am on Monday morning, June 13, as I begin writing. We have been waiting, working, praying, and preparing for this week for several years. In five short days we will bow our heads and unite our hearts together for the last time in our Kentucky home as we ask for the good hand of God … More On the Edge of Adoption: Reflections on a Long Journey of Grace

Our Three Little Rwandans: Bringing the Brothers & Sisters Home (Soon!)

In February of 2009, twenty-six long months ago, we launched out on our second adoption journey. After watching God weave together an incredible tapesty of grace during our nineteen-month adoption of Judah from Uganda, we were ready to take the plunge once again. The question was never whether we would adopt again, but when, where, and how … More Our Three Little Rwandans: Bringing the Brothers & Sisters Home (Soon!)

Our Second Adoption

Our family recently started our second adoption.  We have told many of our close friends and family, and wanted to publicize it here so that you can know and pray.  We are attempting to adopt at least two children from Rwanda, which sits on the southwest border of Uganda.  So far we have completed some … More Our Second Adoption

Give Me This Mountain

With my $50 gift card to the Shepherds’ Conference bookstore, I purchased (among other books) Give Me This Mountain by Helen Roseveare, first published in 1966.  After reading it over the weekend, it feels a bit inappropriate to have gotten it for free. Roseveare was a medical missionary to the northeastern province of the Belgian Congo … More Give Me This Mountain

Birthday and Anniversary

Today was Judah’s second birthday and our fifth anniversary.  We found out several months into the adoption process that Judah was born on our third anniversary.  He obviously doesn’t understand the significance of his birthday, but we certainly do.  He was born on December 20, 2005 at Mulago National Hospital near the capital city of … More Birthday and Anniversary

The Adoption Rollercoaster and the Mighty Hand of God

You’ll have to read the previous few updates (at least the last one from earlier this morning) to fully appreciate this one.  We received some amazing news this morning that might not be so amazing if it weren’t for the news we’d received throughout the last week.  Actually, it would be amazing either way because of the … More The Adoption Rollercoaster and the Mighty Hand of God

Cindi’s Home

Cindi returned home from Uganda on Monday morning.  I picked her up from LAX around 11:00am and we spent much of the day together.  Obviously it was difficult for her to leave Judah, but she’s glad to be home.  Some missionaries named the Bissets invited her to stay in their home for the last two … More Cindi’s Home

Kingdom Culture

Like any journey to a significantly different culture, our trip to Uganda provided us with fresh (though cracked) lenses through which to see aspects of the American mindset.  The lens is fresh because it’s tinted with an African shade that enables us to see American culture from a new perspective.  And the lens is cracked … More Kingdom Culture