A Walk in the Woods

DISCLAIMER: This post may sound anti-internet or anti-blog or anti-blog-reading.  It’s not.  It’s pro-something.

The blog scene is somethin’ fierce these days.  I’m nothing short of amazed (and overwhelmed) by the sheer number of voices out there trumpeting everything under the sun.  Good writers, in-depth research, valuable discussions, and perspectives as broad as the world is round.  But also poor writers, shoddy research, “type-and-click-without-thinking” discussions, and unripe perspectives.  Wonderful and frightening.

It’s a temptation to spend (way) too much time perusing the endless internet storehouse, perhaps mainly because I know that there may be something profitable on aisle 3,537,829 that I haven’t yet seen.  And I feel like if I don’t know about it, I’m missing something.  Someone’s blog or website always has a good link on it that you didn’t know about before.  But will that ever change?  Pursuing perspective is good; pursuing omniscience is disastrous.  And perhaps we’re already more humanly “omniscient” than we realize, considering that (1) we have the Scriptures as the source of truth and (2) there is nothing new under the sun.

Surely blogs and online articles and news commentaries can help us to think better.  No one can deny that.  But I find myself wondering if a better use of two hours would be reading up on current events and blog discussions, or taking an Edwardsesque walk in the woods (without the cell phone) for prayer, meditation, and spontaneous praise.

I know, I know — it’s not an either-or.  But would Jonathan Edwards have been the kind of thinker that he was, and would he have profited Christianity like he did, and would he have been as controlled by the Spirit as he was if he spent more time on the internet and less time pondering and pleading and praising in the forest?  Just asking the question here, because I’m asking it in my mind.  Mutual exclusivity of two things is not my point.  My point/question is more along the lines of, “Are there things I’m not doing because of the things I am doing?”

Sorry about the vagueness of my point.  Like I said, good (clear) writers aren’t the only writers.  Perhaps a walk in the woods might help.


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