The Long Run: Reflections from a Half-Marathon

Last Saturday I ran my first half-marathon: 13.1 miles through downtown Louisville with 12,234 other sweaty and soaked participants of all ages, genders, shapes, and speeds, some running the full 26.2-mile course and others, like me, taking the easy route. The gun fired at 7:30am, and the sneakered masses flooding the lettered corrals on Main Street … More The Long Run: Reflections from a Half-Marathon

Why I Love My Wife (Help Her Win an iPad!)

My beautiful, godly wife is in 1st place out of 27,000+ competitors in an online competition for an iPad through Wycliffe Bible Translators. Here’s 2 minutes and 8 seconds of how my wife is amazing and why you should help her win. Competition ends midnight on Tuesday night, June 12! What now? 1. Click the link: Why I Love My Wife (Help Her Win an iPad!)

Praise You, Thank You, Sorry, Help Us: Teaching the Little Ones to Pray

Teaching big truths to little minds simplifies our thinking. Some day I’d like to reach the place where my thinking and teaching could fit Jonathan Pennington’s description of renowned New Testament scholar Richard Bauckham: “He’s on the other side of complexity.” Like any other parent, I’d tried and tried to get our kids (4, 4, 5, 6) to look people … More Praise You, Thank You, Sorry, Help Us: Teaching the Little Ones to Pray

New Year’s Resolutions from Southern Seminary Staff

Towers is the campus news publication of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. The Dec-Jan issue contains three resolutions from eight of Southern’s professors and staff members. Several of them, for different reasons, are worth sharing here: “Read through the entire Bible two times.”   “Say ‘no’ to my grandkids at least once during the year.” … More New Year’s Resolutions from Southern Seminary Staff

This Is Why

This is why. This is why you should beware of starting sentences with “this.” When you do this, your meaning will be somewhat vague. When you don’t do this, your meaning will be more clear. “But wait,” the grammar cop objects, “this is only unclear because you started the entire post with an antecedent-less ‘this.’” My … More This Is Why

The End of the Last Word

One interesting (and horrible) thing about the endless tidbit discussions encouraged by contemporary written media is that the wonderful concept of the last, striking, unanswerable word is virtually unattainable.  We’ve reached, at least in some settings, the end of the last word. You know that 15-comment Facebook discussion packed with lowercase one-liners where everyone’s channeling their inner debate team champion and … More The End of the Last Word

The Incredible Journey

Three weeks ago, we were packing up the last of our belongings, saying final goodbyes to friends and co-workers and church family, madly finishing up projects to prepare for the new Dean, and preparing for our cross-country move into the next season of our lives.  Three weeks from now, I’ll be exploring a brand new … More The Incredible Journey

Gunner at GAP

There are some things you just never dream of doing.  There are other things that you’ll only do if opportunity beats down your door with a sledgehammer.  And sometimes both kinds of things hit you all at once. So what happens when you combine the cost of living in Southern California, the upcoming bill for a … More Gunner at GAP

What Your Mom Was Trying to Tell You (in Three Minutes)

After 7.8 million views, I’m sure that many of you have seen this before.  But for all you mom’s out there who haven’t yet, Anita Renfroe has summarized in three minutes what you’ve been trying to say every day for all these years.  And for all of us who are old enough to appreciate all that our moms … More What Your Mom Was Trying to Tell You (in Three Minutes)

Yosemite National Park

Last year I climbed Half-Dome in Yosemite National Park with the four-man team of guy RDs.  This past week we made a longer return trip (minus Siona and plus Joe) for our last hurrah as a team since two of us are moving into new positions.  We took it a bit easier this time and thoroughly enjoyed the recently-opened … More Yosemite National Park

Remembering the OMC

I have loved, led, and served the Oak Manor & Cornerstone dormitory at The Master’s College for the past four years.  Living and ministering at the OMC has been a highlight of our lives and an experience we will always cherish.  Tonight at 10:30pm I broke the news to my guys that all OMC students … More Remembering the OMC

A Week in Texas

This past week has been a full and good one.  Last Friday morning I boarded a flight from LAX to DFW, arriving after lunch and spending the afternoon with old TMC friends before leaving for a weekend camp with the junior high and high school students of Grace Bible Church in Grapevine.  Although we were only there for 36 … More A Week in Texas