A Good Blog: “Between Two Worlds”

If you want a good blog to keep up with, try http://www.theologica.blogspot.com.  It belongs to Justin Taylor, who is the 28-year-old Director of Theology for DesiringGod ministries (Pastor John Piper).  He calls his blog “Between Two Worlds: A Mix of Theology, Philosophy, Politics, and Culture.”  It’s worthwhile for a number of reasons:

  1. Taylor updates it constantly.
  2. He has a good mix of “theology, philosophy, politics, and culture,” as he claims.
  3. He’ll help you keep up with current events, and provide good perspectives on those events (this is especially important for those in the TMC world).
  4. There are always good quotes and links for further research, which is valuable especially because they come from someone who gets paid partially to research.
  5. He works alongside John Piper. :)

Usually I wouldn’t plug a blog like this, but I’ve been to this one enough times now and have never been disappointed.  Here’s to educated, profitable, thought-provoking, biblical blogs.


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