Following the Cloud and Flame: A New Gundersen Journey

BridgePoint Bible Church Ray and Hollington Architects Fretz Construction Photo: John Lindy We are thrilled to announce that God has called me to serve as Lead Pastor at BridgePoint Bible Church in Houston, Texas. Cindi and I just returned from a 5-day candidating trip, and the church voted overwhelmingly to invite us to serve with … More Following the Cloud and Flame: A New Gundersen Journey

Ph.D. Papers

I enjoyed three main courses this past school year in addition to doctoral colloquia and other projects. For those who may be interested, below are summaries of the three major papers I wrote for my Ph.D. seminars. TITLE: “Exegesis of Romans 1:18-25” COURSE: Exegesis of Romans with Dr. Tom Schreiner Thesis/Summary: “In Romans 1:18–25 Paul … More Ph.D. Papers

Signing for Forever

After we met our three new children on Father’s Day and spent the allotted two hours with them (3:00–5:00pm), we watched them scurry back down the long steps along the side wall of the orphanage compound, back to familiar surroundings and small friends. We turned left out of the compound and up the steep “Dancing … More Signing for Forever

On the Edge of Adoption: Reflections on a Long Journey of Grace

The clock strikes 12:03am on Monday morning, June 13, as I begin writing. We have been waiting, working, praying, and preparing for this week for several years. In five short days we will bow our heads and unite our hearts together for the last time in our Kentucky home as we ask for the good hand of God … More On the Edge of Adoption: Reflections on a Long Journey of Grace

Life in Louisville

Winter is here, snow is falling, and carols are playing in the living room.  We just finished our first two-on-one snowball fight in the backyard and the sky is greying over to tell us that yet more snow is on the way.  The seven-foot noble fir stands dignified and beautiful in the corner, decorated according to custom in all … More Life in Louisville

The Classroom and the Crucible

My semester class schedule is now finalized.  I’ve already completed the initial online course consisting of nine brief online lectures introducing us to the Southern Baptist Convention and its main funding mechanism, the Cooperative Program.  On Thursday I completed the helpful Graduate Research Seminar, the introductory course for all doctoral and Th.M. students which centers on research and writing.  And Friday, … More The Classroom and the Crucible

Full of Blessing

Once again I sit upstairs beneath the vaulted ceilings of the Honeycutt Center on the campus of Southern Seminary.  The room is still a bit warm from the day’s heat, the lounge has mostly emptied, and the friendly cleaning guy is bellowing hello to the few remaining students as he cleans tables and empties trash cans.  For the past … More Full of Blessing

New Kid on the Block

I’m sitting in the sprawling Honeycutt Center on the campus of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.  It’s around 11:30pm Eastern Time, the majestic campus has been hushed by nightfall, and the crickets have picked up where the cicadas left off.  This is my first post from “Loua-vull,” and if this new Ph.D. program … More New Kid on the Block

The Incredible Journey

Three weeks ago, we were packing up the last of our belongings, saying final goodbyes to friends and co-workers and church family, madly finishing up projects to prepare for the new Dean, and preparing for our cross-country move into the next season of our lives.  Three weeks from now, I’ll be exploring a brand new … More The Incredible Journey

A New Job

When the Lord began directing us to Louisville and Southern Seminary, there was a hint of Abrahamic calling involved.  Only one aspect of the call was clear — the call to study.  We didn’t know where we would live, where I would work, how much I would make, who our friends would be, or what local … More A New Job

Moving On

We knew this day would come; we just didn’t know when.  The next two months will be our last at The Master’s College.  If the Lord wills, we will be moving to Louisville, Kentucky this summer to begin a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary led by President Al Mohler. We have lived … More Moving On

An Update

After almost two months, I’m long overdue for an update.  Remarkably, this will be only the second post of 2010.  For the past two years the tyranny of the urgent has become the dominion under which I live, and that dominion has disallowed thoughtful writing.  However, I sense that I may be on the brink of returning to … More An Update

Mighty August

Our Dean of Students has traditionally labeled this month “Mighty August” because of its slew of retreats, preparation, team-building, and training.  Resident Director Retreat (just finished) is followed by Resident Assistant Retreat is followed by Servant Leadership Staff Retreat is followed by Week of Welcome.  After so many retreats, we launch the actual semester and try to … More Mighty August