A Roadmap for Righteous Relationships by Rick Holland

As I prepare to speak at an upcoming church retreat on guy-girl relationships, I’ve been reminded of a helpful 13-part sermon series on this topic by Rick Holland from 1999 entitled “A Roadmap for Righteous Relationships.”  Rick has pastored the Crossroads college ministry at Grace Community Church for more than a decade.  He is a godly man … More A Roadmap for Righteous Relationships by Rick Holland

To Every Tribe

I've mentioned this here before, but I feel compelled to mention it again because To Every Tribe Ministries has revamped their website.  Don't click on the link if you don't want to be challenged and stretched and inspired. To Every Tribe Ministries was started by David Sitton, a hardcore pioneer missionary (I think that's redundant).  I … More To Every Tribe

Girl Talk

For you ladies, there’s a good blog out there called “Girl Talk” that you ought to check out.  It’s authored by the four main women in CJ Mahaney’s life — his wife and his three married daughters. Here’s Carolyn Mahaney’s lowdown on the most recent series of posts: “Over the next several days, each of the girls … More Girl Talk

The God of the Hurricane: Blame and Defense

National Public Radio Senior News Analyst Daniel Schorr was so bold as to impugn God regarding Hurricane Katrina.  Pastor John Piper of Bethelehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota has passionately answered him.  Although Piper always speaks and writes with manifest zeal, he seems to write with a particularly jagged edge in this response.  This is fitting, because God … More The God of the Hurricane: Blame and Defense

Joining FoolishBlog

I’ve been asked to join FoolishBlog as a writer there, and I’ve accepted the invitation.  FoolishBlog is maintained by Eric and Heather Zeller (husband and wife) and Eric’s younger brother Scott.  I went to school with all three of them, and consider them to be like-minded friends. I still plan on writing regularly here, but … More Joining FoolishBlog

Pioneer Missions

At various times over the past few years, my heart has burned to do pioneer missions—to break into an unreached people group in Papua New Guinea or Africa or South America (or anywhere else), learn the language, cross the culture, preach the Gospel, translate the Bible, plant a church, train leaders, and leave an indigenous … More Pioneer Missions

“Hot Providence”: A Cookbook Introduction

If you like to eat, or cook, or just like to see how God mirrors His glory and goodness in every little thing in the universe, read Hot Providence.  It’s Doug Wilson’s foreword to the Christ Church cookbook (he’s the pastor).  Cookbook introductions aren’t supposed to be so delightful, well-written, and of all things, theological.  Then again, perhaps everything is … More “Hot Providence”: A Cookbook Introduction

“The Greatest Sinner I Know” – Humility (Part 2)

There wasn’t really a “Humility – Part 1”, but since my last post was about one of my recent lessons in humility and since I came across this humility-focused post by Tim Challies, I figured his could qualify as a “Part 2” of sorts.  It’s called “The Greatest Sinner I Know.”  Don’t read it lazily.  Tim writes: I am … More “The Greatest Sinner I Know” – Humility (Part 2)