Guided Where I Go

Father, I know that all my life is portioned out for me; The changes that are sure to come, I do not fear to see; I ask thee for a present mind intent on pleasing thee. I would not have the restless will that hurries to and fro, Seeking for some great thing to do … More Guided Where I Go

Be Still, My Soul

I grew up singing the best old hymns of the faith. We sang them so consistently that their lyrics and melodies carved deep ruts in my memory. I couldn’t appreciate their doctrinal strength or poetic beauty as a child or a teenager, but now they resonate at a far deeper level. Now I can understand … More Be Still, My Soul

Vision Impossible

Last night was Vision Night at BridgePoint Bible Church. After singing “Amazing Grace” a cappella and hearing a stirring introduction from our Community Life Pastor, I was up. About 250 people were there to seek God’s leading for the future of our church. Earlier in the day, at lunch, I had put my head in my hands … More Vision Impossible

Carry Us to Sabbath

Carry us, O sabbath Lord, when sabbath days are awful few. O help us rest, and rest assured, in sabbath’s story, long and true. That seventh day, from heaven’s throne, you looked upon a world made. Your restful satisfaction shone o’er heav’n and earth, in joy surveyed. From Sinai’s thundering mount you gave a law … More Carry Us to Sabbath

Let Words Be Few

The words we threw around today, the curses and the blessings both, Were not a verbal game to play— a trifled breath, an empty oath. Instead, life’s current carries now the poisons we released so free; The fire careless words allow, consuming us from sea to sea. We know not how the cost will rise, … More Let Words Be Few

How to Pray for Us

“How can we pray for you?” This gracious question has echoed through our emails, texts, messages, and calls the past two weeks. With the Harvey sprint downshifting into the post-Harvey slog, here are some ways you might pray us forward in coming weeks and months. 1. Wisdom Like Solomon, we need wisdom. The task was heavy … More How to Pray for Us

Strength for Today

The strength he gives us for today is for today, and nothing more; At morning dawn without delay, like manna on the desert floor. Like manna from the desert sky, these daily mercies never fail; His promises, which never lie, sustaining ours, which ever fail. Tomorrow’s troubles threaten, loud, to shut the sky and seal … More Strength for Today

Evening Prayer

God of the evening, No matter what today held, You were good, you were faithful, you were there. No matter what tomorrow brings, You’ll be good, you’ll be faithful, you’ll be here. No matter how the evening feels, If fathers love their sons below, how much above? No matter what the morning brings, Your kingdom … More Evening Prayer

A Father’s Prayer

Father of all fathers, and of Jesus Christ our Lord, Fatherhood is a great mystery. The calling is majestic, and the dangers real. We love our children, and we long to love them better, but we fail so frequently. We worship you as the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, and marvel at … More A Father’s Prayer

A Prayer for Friendship

Holy Father, You exist as one God in three persons. Yours is the perfect spirit of friendship. We rejoice to know you and be known by you. Draw your people together into this holy spirit of friendship so that we might fellowship face-to-face and shoulder-to-shoulder, feasting and working alike, in joyful bonds of covenant love. … More A Prayer for Friendship

A Prayer for Patience

Holy Father, When I ponder the world, the church, and especially my own life, I am astonished at your patience. Your long-suffering is beyond comprehension. We, your church, stand in loving amazement at your united patience as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Loving Father, you patiently chose us, patiently made us, patiently redeemed us, and … More A Prayer for Patience

A Prayer for Our President

Holy Father, On this day of presidential inauguration, we gladly acknowledge that you alone are God. You are King of kings and Lord of lords, for all time and forevermore. Amidst the rightful pomp and circumstance of today’s events, we gladly worship you alone. You alone are our shield and defender; you alone are pavilioned … More A Prayer for Our President