Biblical Theology Briefing (#2)

On November 6, Zondervan will release what looks like a helpful new compare-the-approaches book on biblical theology: Understanding Biblical Theology: A Comparison of Theory and Practice by Edward W. Klink III and Darian R. Lockett. Klink and Lockett both teach at Biola University in Los Angeles. PUBLISHER’S DESCRIPTION Understanding Biblical Theology examines the five major schools of … More Biblical Theology Briefing (#2)

Biblical Theology Briefing (#1)

The new “Biblical Theology Briefings” are an opportunity to share observations, arguments, outlines, books, articles, reviews, sermons, videos, diagrams — anything I’ve found that could foster a clearer understanding of the Bible’s parts as they relate to its whole. “Biblical Theology” is a specific discipline within biblical studies (it doesn’t mean “theology that’s biblical in … More Biblical Theology Briefing (#1)