Crawling to Sunday

Every day, we’re crawling toward Sunday. Because every Sunday, the Christian church the world over gathers to celebrate the life, death, resurrection, and soon return of Jesus Christ our Lord. Through Scripture and prayer, songs and sermons, confession and supplication, joy and lament, we haul our broken bodies and our heavy souls back to the place … More Crawling to Sunday

Carry Us to Sabbath

Carry us, O sabbath Lord, when sabbath days are awful few. O help us rest, and rest assured, in sabbath’s story, long and true. That seventh day, from heaven’s throne, you looked upon a world made. Your restful satisfaction shone o’er heav’n and earth, in joy surveyed. From Sinai’s thundering mount you gave a law … More Carry Us to Sabbath

O Church, Arise

Good morning, Christian. Today, you and I and all who are united with Christ rise from sleep to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, son of Mary and son of God. As we rise from sleep, we are reminded of two other risings — one past, and one future. We rise this morning and gather with … More O Church, Arise

Ode to the Church

Every seven days a rebirthed humanity, inflamed with a shared Spirit, gathers around a common table to hear the true story of the world. Church isn’t merely steeples and Sunday School classes, pulpits and pews, praise bands and bulletins. The church is a risen and rising humanity of ex-corpses and ex-slaves testifying to the Messianic … More Ode to the Church

The Main Thing: Gospel-Rich Theology and the Students of Boyce College

College is supposed to teach you many things, and those many things are all important in their own way. The big ones, of course, are pretty comprehensive, like character, virtue, a mind awake, and a noble work ethic. The next tier is more personalized but still vital: a major, a vocational direction, and a set … More The Main Thing: Gospel-Rich Theology and the Students of Boyce College

The Sympathy of Christ and the Throne of Grace

Thrones are not where you go for grace. “The rulers of the Gentiles,” Jesus said, “lord it over them” (Mark 10:42). Sovereigns are not often known for their sympathy. So when we read that we have (a) a “great high priest” (b) “who has passed through the heavens” (c) as the very “Son of God” … More The Sympathy of Christ and the Throne of Grace

How the Psalms Encourage Evangelism

In reading through the Psalms recently (especially 130-150), the Holy Spirit showed me that the Psalms can provide powerful motivation and encouragement for evangelism. Although the psalmists wrote mostly from the come-and-see mentality of ancient Israel, their desire was the same ultimate desire that we see expressed throughout Scripture: the pure, worldwide worship of the one true God. Here … More How the Psalms Encourage Evangelism

King on a Cross: “What I Have Written I Have Written”

The crucifixion account in the Gospel of John is full of glorious irony. In fact, John’s entire narrative, along with the discourses of Jesus, are filled with striking ironies, stark contrasts, and deeper meanings. The story whispers to those who have ears to hear. By John 19:16, the mockery of Jesus’ hasty trial had come to an … More King on a Cross: “What I Have Written I Have Written”

Pre-Atonement Projects

You know your blog has lost steam and substance when posts only appear in conjunction with the calendar (Christmas and New Year’s, for instance).  Perhaps I’ve officially joined the ranks of the periodic drive-by commentator pounding out shallow remarks about contemporary events, complete with the obligatory pre-post apologies.  At least I’m just in time for … More Pre-Atonement Projects