Raw Christianity: One Year Later

Raw Christianity was born one year ago today.  There’s a lot I’d like to say about the title and purpose of the blog and the range and power of the phrase “Raw Christianity.”  But words have been failing lately.  So I’ll say it with some words from a year ago.  Everything below is still an aim and not an accomplishment.  I trust the same is true for you.  Which is why I hope that we will continue to press on together.  May the Lord give promised grace.

What I’ve always wanted to be is someone who doesn’t seek to be a polished disciple or a smooth Christian but who is authentic and on-edge and full of faith and biblical risk-taking.  I don’t want my life to be full of monotone prayers and programmed evangelism and dull worship and bland confessions and dutiful quiet times and shallow relationships and American comforts and spineless choices.  I want to be aggressively Christian.  I want to have a Bible-soaked mind and an unwavering endurance and a tireless passion and a trembling fear of God.  I want prophetic boldness and relentless love and an unstoppable drive to obey the commands of Christ.  I want an unmistakable compassion for God-rejectors, a piercing sense of the reality of heaven and hell, and an unceasing desire to see the glory of God fill the earth like the waters fill the sea.

Jesus didn’t do status quo obedience or spiritual mediocrity or political correctness.  He wasn’t even religiously correct.  What He did was the will of His Father, with a rugged and unfailing commitment to turn neither to the right nor to the left.  From His affections to His actions, from His practice to His preaching, from His life to His death, He was for real.  And I want, so badly, to be like Him.

I don’t want polished Christianity.  I don’t want social Christianity.  I don’t want cosmetic Christianity.  I want Raw Christianity.  I have been realizing that since a few months after I became a believer, I shared about it in that memorable RD meeting a few years ago, and I feel no differently tonight.

This blog is not a therapeutic exercise for me.  I don’t write to get things off my chest or to rant or to criticize.  I’ve always thought those were very empty and destructive reasons for blogging.  Rather, I hope to encourage a genuine pursuit of Christ that’s defined by what He did and said, not by cultural trends or religious traditions.  I don’t know how well I’ll do that, but that’s my aim.

So welcome to Raw Christianity.  I pray that what’s written here will always represent the teaching and the passion of our Savior.

Sunset over Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives

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