Review of The Pictorial Library of Bible Lands by Todd Bolen

The new and revised 18-volume Pictorial Library of Bible Lands by Todd Bolen is a landmark achievement. These volumes contain more than 17,500 high-resolution photos of the lands and islands, sites and landscapes, roads and ruins, digs and artifacts, cultures and climates of the Bible. The vantage points vary from aerial to close-up to panoramic. Lighting, weather, season, … More Review of The Pictorial Library of Bible Lands by Todd Bolen

The Incredible Journey

Three weeks ago, we were packing up the last of our belongings, saying final goodbyes to friends and co-workers and church family, madly finishing up projects to prepare for the new Dean, and preparing for our cross-country move into the next season of our lives.  Three weeks from now, I’ll be exploring a brand new … More The Incredible Journey

Gunner at GAP

There are some things you just never dream of doing.  There are other things that you’ll only do if opportunity beats down your door with a sledgehammer.  And sometimes both kinds of things hit you all at once. So what happens when you combine the cost of living in Southern California, the upcoming bill for a … More Gunner at GAP

Thanks, Mom

Mother’s Day is a travesty.  Like setting aside one single solitary day to memorialize our fallen soldiers who give their short lives for our lifelong freedom, we’ve set aside one single solitary day to celebrate our mothers who give the incalculable gift of their life and love to their children. Not that any mother will … More Thanks, Mom

Men at Work

The men below form the team that God has brought to The Master’s College dormitories to oversee, love, care for, instruct, disciple, counsel, challenge, and train the next generation of the church’s men.  On either side of me are the four male Resident Directors I’ve served with this year, men of character, passion, humility, integrity, … More Men at Work

A Few Good Men

This past year, four tremendous guys served with me in leading the OMC.  Juan Moncayo, Nate Brooks, Cameron Knox, and Peter Bugbee.  Fellow OMC’er Cole Jeffrey, who has the “It” factor in photography, took the picture (and many others).

Yosemite National Park

Last year I climbed Half-Dome in Yosemite National Park with the four-man team of guy RDs.  This past week we made a longer return trip (minus Siona and plus Joe) for our last hurrah as a team since two of us are moving into new positions.  We took it a bit easier this time and thoroughly enjoyed the recently-opened … More Yosemite National Park