Secret Sins and the Resignation of Jim Tressel

Jim Tressel, long-revered coach and field general of the Ohio State Buckeyes football program, resigned on Monday after a lengthy saga of unraveling details regarding NCAA violations. Time and truth go hand in hand, so the sporting world must wait, as it often must, for the full revelation. I’m nauseated by those who turn every … More Secret Sins and the Resignation of Jim Tressel

Kind-of Confessions

Yesterday afternoon former USC running back and 2005 Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush took the unprecedented step of forfeiting the award for the best college football player of the season and returning the trophy to the Heisman Trust.  I can still picture some of his spell-binding runs during that captivating year that culminated in the … More Kind-of Confessions

Starting and Finishing: How You Can Pray for Us

Our life is full of transitions right now.  At times we feel a bit like Doctor Doolittle’s Pushmi-Pullyu, though in the same breath I must say that we also feel uniquely blessed by the multiplicity of opportunities the Lord has given us.  With everything going on, we would be grateful if you would pray that the Lord … More Starting and Finishing: How You Can Pray for Us

Ph.D. News

From Baptist Bible Seminary yesterday: Congratulations!  I am very excited to inform you that the Ph.D. Admissions Committee has granted approval for you to enter the Skills Assessment Phase of the Doctor of Philosophy degree program at Baptist Bible Seminary.  You have embarked on a potentially life-changing experience! Assuming I pass the four entrance exams … More Ph.D. News

False or True

The rising popularity of this guy (and others like him throughout history) is an astounding reminder of (1) how easily people are deceived, (2) how ready people are to follow someone who’s persuasive, (3) how important it is to know your Bible, and (4) the urgency of a churchwide reform that produces genuinely godly lives … More False or True


If you were to go to right now and type in “Newhall, California” as your location, you would see something like this: Partly Cloudy 110° F Feels Like 119° For those of you who go to Master’s and live in Santa Clarita nine months out of the year, you can be glad that this is not one … More 110°

Your Palm Beach

A few days ago, my friend Juan arrived back from Ecuador with the TMC summer missions team he was leading.  We were only able to talk for a couple minutes yesterday, but I was blown away by this: The caption said:  "A Huaorani man that killed Jim Elliot and the missionaries… now prays for our safe … More Your Palm Beach