Ph.D. News

From Baptist Bible Seminary yesterday:

Congratulations!  I am very excited to inform you that the Ph.D. Admissions Committee has granted approval for you to enter the Skills Assessment Phase of the Doctor of Philosophy degree program at Baptist Bible Seminary.  You have embarked on a potentially life-changing experience!

Assuming I pass the four entrance exams in the coming months (OT & Hebrew, NT & Greek, Bible Exposition, and Theology), I will begin classes either in October or February.  The timing depends on when I finish my Th.M. thesis, which I’ll be researching and writing this summer and into the fall semester if necessary.

In my acceptance letter I was given a username and password for BBS’s secure Ph.D. website.  Last night I browsed around a bit, mainly looking at the required Reading List that’s meant to prepare me for the Comprehensive Exams in a few years.  I’m now seeing with my eyes what I’ve known in my mind for awhile:  There’s a reason why Ph.D. studies are such a serious endeavor.  Some details of the Ph.D. program will obviously be confidential (e.g., content of exams), but I plan to share much of the journey here as time allows.  I don’t want to turn this into an academic blog, but sharing the substance of these kinds of pursuits can be profitable.

This is the last piece of the puzzle in our decision-making process.  Thank you again for your prayers and interest.  We are excited and thankful.

All Smiles at the OMC Barbeque

5 thoughts on “Ph.D. News

  1. Congratulations, Gunner!!! I look forward to reading your posts as you become a “Phd”! Looks like Judah is pretty excited, too. :-)


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