“Something Isn’t Quite Right”

I’m currently taking two two-week seminary classes: Exegesis of Deuteronomy in the morning and History of Israel in the afternoon.  There are a ton of great things I’m learning that I’d love to post about, but there’s really no time.  So, this:

Graham Poll, a 42-year-old English referee who’s working the World Cup, just retired from international matches due to a recent mistake when he gave a Croatia player three yellow cards in a game before sending him off.  You’re supposed to get kicked out when you get two.  Fortunately, Poll’s mistake didn’t affect the outcome of the game.  It was an honest mistake, and I don’t think he’s a bad referee because of it.  But I thought this quote about his international reffing experiences was pretty funny:

“None have gone right, none have worked for me, for various reasons,” Poll said. “We say in life one thing goes wrong it’s unlucky, if two things go wrong then maybe you’re really unlucky, but if it’s three then you have to look at yourself and say something isn’t quite right.”

I don’t believe in luck, but there’s some wisdom in the principle here.  Sometimes it’s not your fault.  But you know, after two or three times, maybe you should consider the possibility that it is. :)



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