John Piper’s Father Is With Jesus

I prefer to write instead of linking, but when a spiritual hero shares his day-old journal entry about the death of his father, linking is better than writing.  You will be better for reading it.  Perhaps, by miracle and by grace, I might be a father like “Daddy” and a son like John.

3 thoughts on “John Piper’s Father Is With Jesus

  1. like Andrew Daymude worships. he’s a guy in our churuch whose love and passion for the Lord is so evident when he is singing on sundays….he does not hold back, my friend…his volume is up, hands raised or clapping…even if he’s the only one… yet for some reason, i don’t find it distracting…but instead, inspiring and sometimes convicting…like you said not that enthusiasm = spirituality… but his passion seems to be from such a pure heart of gratitude.
    thanks for your post gunner.

  2. I read that earlier today and could not stop the tears–what an incredible legacy. What a rare blessing to be given such a personal glimpse into the passing of a loved one and saint.


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