One-Year Anniversary of Lynda Varner’s Death

For those of you who know Dr. Varner and his wife, their 26-year-old daughter Lynda was killed in a car accident on July 4, 2005.  I think the Varners were notified about the accident late on July 3 and Lynda was pronounced dead on July 4.  The funeral was on July 9.  So there are a lot of 1-year anniversaries for them this week.

If you know the Varners well at all, consider sending a word of support, prayer, encouragement, and love to them at some point this week — phone call, email, letter.  I stopped by the gravesite this morning and was reminded of how unimaginably hard it must be for them this week.  Hard enough to warrant our extended prayers and our unintrusive but thoughtful support.

Dr. Varner:
Mrs. Varner:


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