11 Questions about Gossip

  1. I wonder what percentage of my words each day either function as gossip or flow from a gossip’s heart?
  2. What if I valued others’ reputations more than my own?
  3. What if I silently asked for a pure heart before speaking negatively about someone?
  4. How much would I edit my words if I determined only to communicate facts about people and to avoid speculation, assumption, and motive-judging?
  5. What would happen if I called for a timeout each time a conversation veered toward unproven speculation or unnecessary negativity about someone?
  6. How awkward would my conversations become if I determined not to hear gossip and slander?
  7. How might I speak about others if I were presented with a book containing every negative word that has been spoken about me in the past year?
  8. How might I change my speech if I were to see an artistic rendering of the damage my words have done over the years?
  9. What percentage of church splits have been influenced by gossip and slander?
  10. What if I objected as passionately and immediately to the slander of others as I do to others’ slander of me?
  11. What if I only spoke of others as I would like them to speak of me?

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