Carry Us to Sabbath


Carry us, O sabbath Lord,
when sabbath days are awful few.
O help us rest, and rest assured,
in sabbath’s story, long and true.

That seventh day, from heaven’s throne,
you looked upon a world made.
Your restful satisfaction shone
o’er heav’n and earth, in joy surveyed.

From Sinai’s thundering mount you gave
a law of rest for workers worn,
In memory of Egypt’s slave—
by blood escaped, through water born.

Yet rest escaped your people still.
Rebellion led to Babylon.
Enslaved in mind and heart and will,
awaiting messianic dawn.

Until one night in Bethlehem,
one perfect life in Galilee,
One cross outside Jerusalem,
one empty grave—and rest for me.

For now the fount of sabbath rest
lies deep, invincible, within.
As far apart as east and west
God separates us from our sin.

So carry us to sabbath, Lord,
a seventh day within us form.
Through Spirit, prayer, and holy Word,
O be the eye within our storm.

Until the day when all is new
and seventh days eternal run,
With peace unparalleled and true,
we rest in David’s greater Son.

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