Good Friday

Good Friday.  It seems that nothing less than your spiritual best can qualify you to worship on such a day.  A day of gory splendor such as this calls for heartfelt pangs of conviction and heartwarming expressions of gospel praise.  Dressed in white robes or with the flashing brightness of the angels, you may come.  … More Good Friday

Our Invincible Inheritance

The apostle Peter was not shy theologically.  In 1 Peter 1:3-5, writing to intensely suffering Christians, he paints an enviable picture of the invincibility of our inheritance in Christ.  He describes our inheritance in a multitude of ways in these three verses, but there is one particular string that stands out for its staccato structure of phrases describing the … More Our Invincible Inheritance

Bought with a Price

Most Christians are familiar with the powerful Pauline phrase, “you were bought with a price.”  It renders a hammer-blow to our constant notions of personal rights and privileges and reminds us quite forcefully that we belong to Christ and not to ourselves. You were bought with a price, and this purchase has implications.  In 1 … More Bought with a Price

2008 Bethlehem Conference for Pastors: Greg Livingstone

I just returned from the 2008 Bethlehem Conference for Pastors in Minneapolis.  The title of the conference was “The Pastor as Father and Son.”  My dad graciously paid my way and we enjoyed three intense days of biblical preaching, singing, and fellowship. D. A. Carson was the keynote speaker and spoke three times on biblical themes of fatherhood and … More 2008 Bethlehem Conference for Pastors: Greg Livingstone

Wit and Wisdom from John Hannah (15)

Here are some approximate quotes from John Hannah’s lecture on Jonathan Edwards’ 1757 work The Great Doctrine of Original Sin Defended.  The technical term for the doctrine of sin is “hamartiology,” from the Greek word hamartia).  If there’s one doctrine that we instinctively revile or at least ignore, it’s this one.  It devastates our perceived … More Wit and Wisdom from John Hannah (15)

Should Everyone Be Passionate About Missions?

(Before you read too far, it might be good to answer the question for yourself.  It’s worth thinking about.) This was the question I asked at a recent student leadership meeting.  There were various answers given, and all had fair (yet different) reasons for their answers.  I don’t think the answer is simple, though I do think it’s … More Should Everyone Be Passionate About Missions?

Some Recent Thoughts on Life, Eternity, Sacrifice, and Giving

From time to time I find it personally helpful to type out a variety of thoughts that seem worth recording at least for my own personal benefit.  Usually they are fairly disconnected except for the fact that every element of life is intertwined when related to God and His purposes.  I record them together because there’s … More Some Recent Thoughts on Life, Eternity, Sacrifice, and Giving

To Every Tribe Ministries – Opportunity

I’ve highlighted To Every Tribe Ministries before, but thought I’d pass along this list of missions opportunities through their ministry.  David Sitton is an intense, experienced, well-respected tribal church planter who is theologically sound.  He’s been a family friend since I was very young and recently spoke at John Piper’s Bethlehem Conference for Pastors.  If the Lord is driving your … More To Every Tribe Ministries – Opportunity

Message and Method

“The message is always the same, but the methods can change.”  That seems to be a mantra of contemporary evangelicalism.  As with most Christian mantras, there’s a lot of truth to it.  Otherwise it might’ve been rejected out of hand.  And as with most Christian mantras, there’s a lot of danger in it.  Otherwise it … More Message and Method