How the Psalms Encourage Evangelism

In reading through the Psalms recently (especially 130-150), the Holy Spirit showed me that the Psalms can provide powerful motivation and encouragement for evangelism. Although the psalmists wrote mostly from the come-and-see mentality of ancient Israel, their desire was the same ultimate desire that we see expressed throughout Scripture: the pure, worldwide worship of the one true God. Here are some observations about how the Psalms encourage and bolster us in sharing, declaring, and defending the message of Christ.

  1. The psalmists depict the righteous undergoing mockery and persecution from the wicked.
  2. The psalmists experience God’s sheltering hand under the hailstorm of worldly opposition.
  3. The psalmists burn with zeal for God to be exalted and His purposes established.
  4. The psalmists decry the empty competition of other so-called gods.
  5. The psalmists yearn for the fullness of God’s kingdom.
  6. The psalmists delight in the joy of God’s presence.
  7. The psalmists marvel at the wonder of God’s gracious forgiveness.
  8. The psalmists call the entire universe to praise our God.


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