Crawling to Sunday


Every day, we’re crawling toward Sunday. Because every Sunday, the Christian church the world over gathers to celebrate the life, death, resurrection, and soon return of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Through Scripture and prayer, songs and sermons, confession and supplication, joy and lament, we haul our broken bodies and our heavy souls back to the place they find their rest and healing—the satisfied cross and the empty tomb and the new life of God’s Spirit breathing among his gathered people.

Then we feast on bread and wine, looking back to our Egyptian slavery and our Passover rescue, looking back to the pierced body and shed blood of our Lord, and looking forward to that great commencement feast we’ll finally enjoy when God makes all things new.

So if you’ve been crawling all week, and you’re not sure you can crawl any farther, just keep crawling. If you’ve been crawling all week, and you feel like you’re the only one, don’t believe the lie. Keep crawling, because many will be crawling in right beside you. And keep crawling, because you don’t have to rise to meet the messianic dawn Sunday morning represents. It’ll rise to meet you.

It may seem like the difficult days and impossible weeks and unbearable months and unlivable years will never end. But it’s just not true.

Because here comes Sunday, reminding us that one day the last week will come to an end, and an unending new week will begin, and the new creation will dawn in fullness. Then all our Sunday’s will flow into a cosmic celebration as heaven and earth are rejoined once again.

So keep crawling toward Sunday. I’ll see you there.


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