New Year’s Resolutions from Southern Seminary Staff

Towers is the campus news publication of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. The Dec-Jan issue contains three resolutions from eight of Southern’s professors and staff members. Several of them, for different reasons, are worth sharing here:

  • “Read through the entire Bible two times.”
  • “Say ‘no’ to my grandkids at least once during the year.”
  • “Reflect more deeply on the gospel message and share it more often with others.”
  • “Pray that God raptures all my email.”
  • “Lead like I believe Ephesians 3:20-21.”
  • “Distinguish distractions from God’s will.”
  • “Learn and exercise the discipline of saying no in order to say yes to the best.”
  • “In stray and sundry moments when I find myself waiting in line or sitting in traffic, to meditate on the Scripture I know and seek to apply it to life rather than fretting about the way I could be using that time to study more Scripture.”


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