New York, New York

Cindi and I are on the third day of our eight-day East Coast trip to New York and Boston.  It’s been a refreshing few days together, which was the goal — to spend some good quality time together after four years of seminary, to celebrate Cindi’s first Mother’s Day, and to enjoy each other during … More New York, New York

Wit and Wisdom from John Hannah (11)

The following are loose quotes from John Hannah as he lectured on Edwards’ writings on the Trinity.  Edwards never actually wrote a treatise on the Trinity that was meant for publication, so we don’t know what such a treatment would’ve been like or what it would’ve included or what shape it would’ve taken.  But Edwards did write enough … More Wit and Wisdom from John Hannah (11)

How Jonathan Edwards Made Me Laugh

Today I spent eight hours reading Freedom of the Will, one of Jonathan Edwards’ most intense writings.  It’s my last assignment for my Winterim class, and it’s a Th.M.-specific assignment.  We were allowed to choose one of three major Edwards works, read it, and write a ten-page analysis and critique of it: History of Redemption, Original Sin, or … More How Jonathan Edwards Made Me Laugh

Climbing Half Dome in Yosemite National Park

The guy RD’s decided to hike Half-Dome in Yosemite this weekend (Jeff Lewis, Dave Hulet, Siona Savini, and I).  The only other time I was in Yosemite is long enough ago for me not to remember anything about it.  I’ll certainly remember this time, though. The hike was 15.2 miles roundtrip.  We gained around 4,800 feet … More Climbing Half Dome in Yosemite National Park

That’s a Rap

I just finished rapping publicly for the second time in eight days.  I don’t know what’s going on.  The first time was at an all-fun-and-games Skit Night, and it went along with my dorm’s ghetto skit.  Today was at the end of a discussion about the TMC handbook (which is almost like a ghetto skit).  … More That’s a Rap


If you were to go to right now and type in “Newhall, California” as your location, you would see something like this: Partly Cloudy 110° F Feels Like 119° For those of you who go to Master’s and live in Santa Clarita nine months out of the year, you can be glad that this is not one … More 110°

From Oklahoma

Cindi and I are in Oklahoma right now with our parents, relaxing, which I've been realizing is a novel idea to me.  I once wrote a twenty-two page seminary paper on the biblical concept of rest, but I haven't learned to apply what I learned yet.  Learning how to rest biblically can be hard work.  But … More From Oklahoma

Rainbow Fire

Speaking of beautiful things in God's creation, check this out.  It's real: Here's the explanation. And here's the ultimate explanation.  And here's what all of this is all about.