Remembering the OMC

I have loved, led, and served the Oak Manor & Cornerstone dormitory at The Master’s College for the past four years.  Living and ministering at the OMC has been a highlight of our lives and an experience we will always cherish.  Tonight at 10:30pm I broke the news to my guys that all OMC students … More Remembering the OMC

A Wonderful Father

This morning I took Judah for a four-mile hike through the Placerita Canyon Nature Area just a few miles east of The Master’s College where we live and serve.  For my birthday last month Cindi and her mom bought me a Kelty baby carrier, an aluminum-structured pack made for hiking and weighing only six pounds (which almost makes up for Judah’s … More A Wonderful Father

Birthday and Anniversary

Today was Judah’s second birthday and our fifth anniversary.  We found out several months into the adoption process that Judah was born on our third anniversary.  He obviously doesn’t understand the significance of his birthday, but we certainly do.  He was born on December 20, 2005 at Mulago National Hospital near the capital city of … More Birthday and Anniversary

A Week in Texas

This past week has been a full and good one.  Last Friday morning I boarded a flight from LAX to DFW, arriving after lunch and spending the afternoon with old TMC friends before leaving for a weekend camp with the junior high and high school students of Grace Bible Church in Grapevine.  Although we were only there for 36 … More A Week in Texas

New York, New York

Cindi and I are on the third day of our eight-day East Coast trip to New York and Boston.  It’s been a refreshing few days together, which was the goal — to spend some good quality time together after four years of seminary, to celebrate Cindi’s first Mother’s Day, and to enjoy each other during … More New York, New York

Cindi’s Home

Cindi returned home from Uganda on Monday morning.  I picked her up from LAX around 11:00am and we spent much of the day together.  Obviously it was difficult for her to leave Judah, but she’s glad to be home.  Some missionaries named the Bissets invited her to stay in their home for the last two … More Cindi’s Home

Court Date Correction, Thoughts on Returning, and Pictures and Video

I arrived back in Los Angeles this morning.  Cindi is still in Uganda for three more weeks and possibly longer depending on the outcome of our upcoming court date.  She emailed me yesterday and told me that our court date is actually on Wednesday, April 25th, not Tuesday the 24th.  There had been confusion regarding the actual … More Court Date Correction, Thoughts on Returning, and Pictures and Video

Wit and Wisdom from John Hannah (11)

The following are loose quotes from John Hannah as he lectured on Edwards’ writings on the Trinity.  Edwards never actually wrote a treatise on the Trinity that was meant for publication, so we don’t know what such a treatment would’ve been like or what it would’ve included or what shape it would’ve taken.  But Edwards did write enough … More Wit and Wisdom from John Hannah (11)

Judah’s Court Date: I Wonder How Many Prayers It Took?

We found out this morning via email that our court date in Uganda has been scheduled for April 4th!  This is a three week trip where we fly to Uganda and stand before a Ugandan judge who decides if we’re fit parents to adopt Judah.  If he judges that we are, we’ll take Judah to an … More Judah’s Court Date: I Wonder How Many Prayers It Took?