What Your Mom Was Trying to Tell You (in Three Minutes)

After 7.8 million views, I’m sure that many of you have seen this before.  But for all you mom’s out there who haven’t yet, Anita Renfroe has summarized in three minutes what you’ve been trying to say every day for all these years.  And for all of us who are old enough to appreciate all that our moms were trying to teach us, this will be a good, quick review (lyrics).  I recommend watching the video first and then listening to it again while following the lyrics.  You won’t catch it all the first time, which is a bit ironic.

2 thoughts on “What Your Mom Was Trying to Tell You (in Three Minutes)

  1. Awww, come on now, Gunner – we all know that YOUR mom didn’t have to say all of these things, right?! If she did, I am sure she said them to your brothers…

    And, what do you mean about not getting it the first time? I think there was simply an echo in the room from my day…or week…or life…



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