Yosemite National Park

Last year I climbed Half-Dome in Yosemite National Park with the four-man team of guy RDs.  This past week we made a longer return trip (minus Siona and plus Joe) for our last hurrah as a team since two of us are moving into new positions.  We took it a bit easier this time and thoroughly enjoyed the recently-opened Tioga Pass, the gushing springtime waterfalls, the deep green meadows, and the forboding granite faces that make Yosemite Valley stunning.  I don’t have time to do a rundown of the trip, but here are some noteworthy pictures.

Green Meadow and Granite Wall

The Boys Heading to the Mist Trail

Gunner Getting Pounded Underneath Vernal Falls (317 Feet)

“Keep Wild Animals Wild” – Too Late
Tell me this squirrel is not completely domesticated.  Seriously.  We have banana chunks, beef jerky, and a group picture.  And Jeff’s rabies-defying pose at the end of the sequence.

Nevada Falls (594 Feet)

 El Capitan (3,000-Foot Sheer Granite Face)

Deja Vu – Jeff Points at the Diving Board on Half-Dome
Last Year

This Year

Granite and Sky

If you live in or near California, Yosemite Valley is a place you ought to visit (frequently if you can).  It is truly remarkable.

5 thoughts on “Yosemite National Park

  1. I LOVE the photo of the three guys with the squirrel in the middle. It looks like it needs a great caption. If you want to send me a copy of it I will work on getting a good caption for you. :-)

    Good for Cindi on the camera. I bought a higher end one and have been rather disappointed, as it seems to be much smarter than I am…

  2. Sam – It’s a normal pocket-size digital camera, but my incredible wife did detailed research to find the best one before we made the purchase. And I think she found the best one (in the normal-digital-camera price range).


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