I'm spending most of my time these days working on my big thesis paper for seminary.  And I'm writing a post tonight mainly so that I can actually use first and second person pronouns in my writing.  It's nice when I can write to you and we can communicate. What I'm trying to say is this:  … More Academia

A Walk in the Park

After dinner yesterday, Cindi and I went for a walk in a local park.  It’s a good thing to be outside, especially during seasons of life that are especially busy.  It’s a reminder of many things, one of them being the fact that the world is much bigger than my little life.  Another is that … More A Walk in the Park

“Hot Providence”: A Cookbook Introduction

If you like to eat, or cook, or just like to see how God mirrors His glory and goodness in every little thing in the universe, read Hot Providence.  It’s Doug Wilson’s foreword to the Christ Church cookbook (he’s the pastor).  Cookbook introductions aren’t supposed to be so delightful, well-written, and of all things, theological.  Then again, perhaps everything is … More “Hot Providence”: A Cookbook Introduction

Good to be an Uncle: Lessons from My Nephew

My five-month-old nephew Jackson is here visiting us (with his mother, of course).  As you might expect, he is amazingly cute.  I am not often around children his age.  I wish I were more. A natural sense of compassion grips your heart when you’re around children of Jackson’s age.  Usually this compassion takes the form of goofy faces, unintelligible and … More Good to be an Uncle: Lessons from My Nephew

Google Earth

You’ve gotta see Google Earth.  It is genuinely amazing.  And it’s free.  Download it here.  You can manually zoom in (from space) all the way to a real aerial view of TMC.  Also, navigate your way over to the aerial view of Oak Manor / Cornerstone.  Both buildings together make a pretty cool shape.  A … More Google Earth