Church-Planting among the Unreached: Gritty Wisdom from Brad Buser (Part 1)

Listen to people with scars. That’s become a motto of mine. Brad Buser has scars. In processing some old files recently, I came across one of his handouts from a class on Cross-Cultural Church Planting at The Master’s College around 2004. I never took the course, but Brad and his teaching were so well received by the students … More Church-Planting among the Unreached: Gritty Wisdom from Brad Buser (Part 1)

Short & Pithy Wisdom on Decision-Making (from Anonymous Sermon Notes)

I’ve been performing a mass reorganization and clutter-cleanse over the last week and have been discovering all sorts of gold. Tonight I came across these unnamed, undated sermon notes with the working title, “Making Biblical Choices & Good Decisions.” I don’t mean to plagiarize, and while I do have several guesses about who the preacher might have … More Short & Pithy Wisdom on Decision-Making (from Anonymous Sermon Notes)

The Classroom and the Crucible

My semester class schedule is now finalized.  I’ve already completed the initial online course consisting of nine brief online lectures introducing us to the Southern Baptist Convention and its main funding mechanism, the Cooperative Program.  On Thursday I completed the helpful Graduate Research Seminar, the introductory course for all doctoral and Th.M. students which centers on research and writing.  And Friday, … More The Classroom and the Crucible

Caring Until Sunrise

There’s a lot of caring to be done in the community of faith.  Spending a couple years as a pastor-principal at a serious Christian college reveals just how much sin, conflict, tension, hurt, and suffering exist even among God’s children.  Enough to make sense of the cross. In the last three weeks of school I … More Caring Until Sunrise

Men at Work

The men below form the team that God has brought to The Master’s College dormitories to oversee, love, care for, instruct, disciple, counsel, challenge, and train the next generation of the church’s men.  On either side of me are the four male Resident Directors I’ve served with this year, men of character, passion, humility, integrity, … More Men at Work

Last Words

What do you say when you know it’s the last thing you’ll say?  How do you choose your words when you know that there won’t be another tomorrow to say the things that go unsaid today? We use so many words throughout life, many of them fairly careless and insubstantial, spoken out of the ease-inducing sense … More Last Words

Moving On

We knew this day would come; we just didn’t know when.  The next two months will be our last at The Master’s College.  If the Lord wills, we will be moving to Louisville, Kentucky this summer to begin a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary led by President Al Mohler. We have lived … More Moving On

Psalm 119:97-104

H. B. Charles, Jr. serves as Senior Pastor at Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida.  He spoke in TMC’s chapel on Monday morning to launch us out on our annual Outreach Week, focusing on Psalm 119:97-104.  I have realized over the years how blessed I am to gather together regularly with a Christian college … More Psalm 119:97-104

Interview with Todd Bolen, Part 2: Teaching and the Bible

This is the second part of my three-part interview with Todd Bolen, focusing on teaching and the Bible.  My introduction and Part 1 are here.  Again, my questions are in bold. What advice would you give to those considering teaching as a profession? Teach.  First, you may not like teaching, or it may not like … More Interview with Todd Bolen, Part 2: Teaching and the Bible

Interview with Todd Bolen, Part 1: Teaching and the Bible

For those of you who don’t know him, I’m very excited to introduce a good friend to you.  For those of you who do know him, I’m very excited that you get to hear his heart and his insights and be blessed once again.  This week I’ll be posting a three-part interview with Todd Bolen. … More Interview with Todd Bolen, Part 1: Teaching and the Bible

Mighty August

Our Dean of Students has traditionally labeled this month “Mighty August” because of its slew of retreats, preparation, team-building, and training.  Resident Director Retreat (just finished) is followed by Resident Assistant Retreat is followed by Servant Leadership Staff Retreat is followed by Week of Welcome.  After so many retreats, we launch the actual semester and try to … More Mighty August

Closer Than a Brother

Tonight began the first of many end-of-the-year goodbyes to some precious people in my life.  These are people I love very dearly.  I am and will be deeply saddened to see them leave. Over the past several years I have found myself often summarizing the Lord’s blessings on my life by saying that I am rich in … More Closer Than a Brother