Mighty August

Our Dean of Students has traditionally labeled this month “Mighty August” because of its slew of retreats, preparation, team-building, and training.  Resident Director Retreat (just finished) is followed by Resident Assistant Retreat is followed by Servant Leadership Staff Retreat is followed by Week of Welcome.  After so many retreats, we launch the actual semester and try to start attacking again.

I plan to share several more posts about India, but those will have to wait until later in August.  Meanwhile, I’ve asked two good friends to step in and guest-blog for me over the next two weeks, and they were gracious enough to take the time to share their insight and wisdom.  I respect them both, and will explain why when I introduce them, beginning on Monday.  Each has some good and important things to say.  The first week will be a series of posts, and the second week will be a three-part interview.


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