A Prayer of Thanksgiving

Our Father in heaven,

We come to you this morning weighed down. Our hearts are so heavy and so full. We can’t begin to carry all that you’ve laid upon us. We have too much to be grateful for.

We are too rich, too loved, too protected. You are too good, too kind, too near.

Father, we thank you for adopting us into your family, for numbering the hairs on our heads, for providing far beyond what we need, and for giving us brothers and sisters to share this abundant life.

Christ, we worship you for coming to save us, for dying on the cross, for rising from the grave, for trampling on Satan, and for sending your Spirit to comfort us.

Spirit, we love you for making us new, for filling us with love, for making us more holy, and for binding us together as a family.

Thank you for your Word that feeds us. Thank you for your presence that warms us. Thank you for your grace that strengthens us. Thank you for your promises that have already written our future.

Thank you for our many years of health that have passed by without notice. Thank you for our many years of job security and financial provision that we’ve enjoyed. Thank you for the great outdoors, which we’re seeing more of now. Thank you for our homes, which give us shelter and shade. Thank you for our phones and computers that connect us. Thank you for all the meals that sustain us.

Thank you for all the things you give instead of all the things we deserve.

And thank you, Father, for sending trials to test us. Thank you for exposing our fear. Thank you for stretching our faith. Thank you for resetting our values. Thank you for re-centering our hope. Thank you for calling us out into the desert where only you can provide.

Thank you for reminding us, so gently, how good it is to be together. Thank you for showing us, so kindly, how much we need each other. And thank you that you’re still with us and among us, and that no distance can separate us from your love.

Thank you for being our faithful God. We give you this thanks for and through Christ—


One thought on “A Prayer of Thanksgiving

  1. Hello Gunner, May 30’s writing “Dr. Rosscup,” in the Trueface team’s Trust for Today, fueled my research of Dr. Rosscup, which led to the lovely tribute that you wrote when Mildred Rosscup went home. Then I happened upon “A Prayer of Thanksgiving.” Wow, profound! A beautiful compilation of the miraculous gifts that we revel in unaware and a bringing-to-light of the hidden beauty in circumstances that we label “trial.” I am grateful to discover your essays.


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