A Trinitarian Prayer for Learning

Bible and Candle

Father of all light,
Son of all wisdom,
Spirit of all power,

Humbly we come before you, our Creator,
and humbly we confess our double blindness:
sin and ignorance.

You are wisdom, but we are folly.
You are truth, but we are error.
You are light, but we are darkness.

Send us

rays of your light
jewels of your wisdom,
and gifts of your power.

Make us wise in what is good
and innocent in what is evil.

Help us

read carefully,
study eagerly,
ask curiously,
and learn like children.

May we

believe all that is true,
discern all that is good,
embrace all that is pure,
and do all that is right.

Lead us to

marvel at the marvelous,
wonder at the wonderful,
and make your world more beautiful

We invite you to

inhabit our minds,
inflame our hearts,
and inspire our souls

To love our Lord Jesus,
and spread his gospel,
and welcome your kingdom,

So that the nations would rejoice and be glad,
as far as the curse is found,
until we rise and reign with you in your new creation.

For the sake of the Father,
In the name of the Son,
By the power of the Spirit,



References in the first section come from Thomas Aquinas’ prayer Ante Studium where he confesses our “twofold darkness” of “sin and ignorance.”


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