A Commentary on the Psalms: Volume 2 (42-89) by Allen Ross (Review)

Ross Psalms CommentaryA Commentary on the Psalms: Volume 2 (42-89) (Kregel Academic, 2013) is the second installment in Allen Ross‘s multi-volume commentary on the Psalter in the Kregel Exegetical Library series. Ross currently serves as Professor of Divinity in Old Testament at Beeson Divinity School.

This second volume covers Books II-III of the Psalter (42-89). Ross introduces each psalm with a fresh translation, notes on textual variants, suggestions regarding the psalm’s composition and historical context, and an exegetical overview which includes a one-sentence summary and a detailed outline. The commentary section is then organized by an expository outline with main points and sub-points, concluding briefly with a summary of the psalm’s overall message and its contemporary application.

Ross’s exposition is text-centered, insightful, and clear. He communicates insights from both the Hebrew and the logic of each psalm with clarity. In his translation notes, he often compares the Hebrew Masoretic Text with the Greek Septuagint, adding another layer of insight.

The main downside of the commentary is its failure to examine each psalm in context. The Psalms are strategically arranged, revealing both purposeful placement and a cohesive message. Evaluating shared terminology between psalms, complementary or contrasting themes, and the progression of psalms as you move through the Psalter — each of these methods can shed further light into the message not only of each psalm but also the entire Psalter.


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