Church on Christmas Sunday?

A lot of internet ink has been spilled recently on the issue of whether or not churches should have normal services on Christmas Day, since Christmas falls on a Sunday this year.  I'm not going to spill any more of it, and not just because I think that internet ink is a valuable commodity.

There is enough going on during the weeks surrounding Christmas that we barely take the time or spend the energy to focus on Christ in a substantial way even in years when Christmas falls on a Thursday.  And my observation is that this particular debate isn't helping very much anymore.  I do think that the topic is worth discussing, and that the decision for each local church is not a simple one.  I don't think that the topic is worth all the press it's been getting, though.  I realize that we have to consider and discuss issues when they come up, and that if we didn't take the time now to discuss this matter along with all its presuppositions and implications, we wouldn't solidify our thinking on it as we should.  But I think it's being overdone.  Because I don't care what you're talking about — if you eclipse Christ, you need to stop.

This is not a holier-than-thou post, as though I'm taking the approach that "I'm going to just focus on Jesus while all the unspiritual people continue to debate the church-on-Christmas issue."  Not at all.  Rather, it's a simple call to redeem the Christmas holiday not only from materialism and marketing but also from endless peripheral discussions.  This one has been profitable while it's lasted.  But it shouldn't last much longer.  We're not celebrating Churchmas, because this was never about the church.  We're celebrating Christmas, because this has always been about Christ.

The decisions have been made.  Your local church is either having a service on Christmas Day or it's not.  It's time to worship Christ.  Not the crying baby but the majestic King.  Not the infant but the infinite.  Not wearing a diaper but a crown.  Not alive from the womb but alive from the dead.

This is our Jesus.  Let earth receive her King.


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