DO Something

Just finished reading some xanga posts.  Actually, I stopped in the middle of reading one.  I stopped because I was thinking:

I wonder what would happen if I stopped criticizing the church for not doing what she’s supposed to be doing and for doing what she’s not supposed to be doing, and in the place of my criticism, I started doing what I’m supposed to be doing and stopped doing what I’m not supposed to be doing?

So in place of verbal criticism, real-life action.

Like, say, evangelizing instead of criticizing the church for not evangelizing.  Or giving my money away instead of criticizing the church for being consumeristic.  Or going to the mission field instead of whining about how guys aren’t going to the mission field.  It’d be a genuine ‘walk-the-walk’ revolution! 

Why am I publicly rebuking myself?

Isn’t the most oft-repeated ‘struggle’ in our circles today something along the lines of, “Man, we need to learn to live out our theology.  We need to live what we say we believe?”  I think I’ve found a simple answer to that — “Do what you believe.”  “Live out your theology.”

Oh, to be a man of action!  Not mindless action.  Not just action.  But at least action.  For heaven’s sake, and for the sake of all the hell-bound — DO SOMETHING!

Yeah, not too profound this evening.  Maybe action-defying attempts at intellectual and spiritual profundity are the cause of my spiritual stagnations and full-but-empty days.  Simplify:


Oh yeah, and while I’m on the topic of biblical simplicity and action, one of my new favorite one-liners over the past couple months has been the following (sit down, it’s deep): Read the Bible and do what it says.

That might change my life…..


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