Africa: Finally!

For a long time, I have longed to visit Africa.  I love Africa, as much as one can love a place he's never been and a people he's never seen.  It's like the love I had for Israel before I went this past summer (a love which only increased and was proven to be a sensible and well-placed love).

Great news:  The Lord has richly blessed me with a surprising opportunity to go to Uganda!  I'll be part of a team teaching at a church leaders' conference (I preach three times).  I'll be in Uganda from January 29 through February 7.  The conference runs from January 30 to February 3.  I also plan to visit orphanages (including the one that Cindi and I are trying to adopt from) and see as much of Africa as I possibly can.  We're also interested in missions work in Africa, so I trust that the Lord will reveal needs and opportunities in that sphere, too.

I say all of this to ask for prayer, especially for the next three weeks with all the sermon preparation, the start of seminary classes, the beginning of the spring semester ministry in the dorm, the exciting new adoption process, and the Uganda trip.  I may be more absent than usual from the blog, although I'm going to try not to be — as long as I have something edifying to say.

To all who pray, thank you in advance.  I can promise that your prayers will be answered because my promise is only an echo of one whose love and faithfulness and answering ability is infinitely greater than my own.

May the Lord's grace and favor shine on Africa.


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