The perpetual maybe,
the angst and anxiety,
the push-it-off,
the come-back-later—
these are not life.
History is won, yes, in many ways,
but never by those who won’t decide.
Can’t decide,” you say?
No, ability isn’t the issue. You can.
Weigh the options,
then kill all but one.
Kill them all.
The death of possibility
is never painless,
but the life of choice
is the pain you want.
So decide.
Don’t miss the moment.
There will be another moment, sure,
but it won’t be the same.
No moment is.
The stream looks the same,
but the water’s changed.
You can run along the shore
or jump in and swim hard,
but you won’t catch that moment again.
It’s too fluid.
So decide.
Options are not a life. Choosing is life.
Savor all your options and enjoy none,
or choose one and savor all of it.