A Prayer for Patience

Bench Sunrise

Holy Father,

When I ponder the world, the church, and especially my own life, I am astonished at your patience. Your long-suffering is beyond comprehension.

We, your church, stand in loving amazement at your united patience as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

  • Loving Father, you patiently chose us, patiently made us, patiently redeemed us, and now patiently train and discipline and sanctify us.
  • Incarnate Son, you patiently lived and patiently served and patiently suffered, and now you patiently intercede for us, patiently awaiting the fullness of your coming reign.
  • Creating Spirit, you patiently work in our stubborn hearts and in our sinful world even as you groan with divine longing for the restoration of all things.

In light of your character and commands, I must mournfully confess

  • that I impatiently test your patience through grumbling;
  • that I impatiently demand perfection from others;
  • that I impatiently rush the coming of your promises;
  • that I impatiently toil while refusing to pray;
  • and that I impatiently manufacture fruit instead of waiting for your harvests.

Yet in light of your mercy and forgiveness, I also gladly confess

  • that you are long-suffering with your world;
  • that you are long-suffering with your church;
  • that you are long-suffering with my sin;
  • that you are long-suffering with my growth;
  • and that you are long-suffering in your plan.

Help me, patient and loving Father,

  • to trust your wise postponements;
  • to embrace your purposeful interruptions;
  • to welcome your slowing trials;
  • to follow your paced footsteps;
  • and to rejoice in your often-winding path.

Help me, patient incarnate Son,

  • to marvel at your patient ministry;
  • to imitate your enduring heart;
  • to be an extension of your long-suffering hands;
  • and to wait, as you did, for my hour to come.

Help me, patient creating Spirit,

  • to plow and sow and wait for your rain;
  • to labor and rest and wait for your wind;
  • to weed and water and wait for your fruit;
  • and to fast and pray and wait for your work.

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, in an act of your sovereign and merciful power, make me a patient man:

  • patient with your plan and your promises;
  • patient in my attitude and my actions;
  • patient as a husband and father;
  • patient as a pastor and leader;
  • patient as a shepherd and counselor;
  • and as patient with others as you are with me.

I bless you, Father, for your patience, from the creation of the world till the new creation dawns in fullness. Teach us your ways, we pray, that we might share in your divine nature as your children (2 Peter 1:4).

In the name of our patiently waiting Christ,