Get Weird

Different PeaIn 2014, get weird.

You know how you sometimes wonder if you’ll die having given your threescore and ten years to the status quo, having worried too much about being normal and accepted, having spent days and weeks and months looking laterally instead of vertically, having trusted your fears too much and your dreams too little?

Well, don’t. In 2014, get weird.

I mean, don’t get a poodle or a face tattoo or anything, but start asking why you exist and what’s really important and start living according to the best answers to those two questions.

Hey: You’re a free-standing moral agent with more ethical and creative and volitional horsepower under the hood than any other creature on the planet, and we all know when we really stop and think about it that ethical and creative and volitional horsepower are terrible things to waste.

Call it what you want: getting radical, stepping out of your comfort zone, abandoning the American Dream, taking the road less traveled, YOLO. Whatever. Just find something good and right and vital and get after it. And don’t just get after it the way everyone’s supposed to get after it, but actually get after it.

I mean, we belong to a species that puts members of its race on an orbiting moon. Maybe we could aim a tad higher than diet and exercise.

So in 2014, get weird.

“But what do you mean by weird?”

That’s the question, isn’t it?

One thought on “Get Weird

  1. Gunner, This has been my life’s pledge. Who wants to be a “normal’ member of the human race. THAT certainly is not very inspiring. My poor wife has had to suffer my weirdness, but thank God, the majority of my weirdness is aimed at giving Him glory. When I spoke to Owen about Risky Gospel before it was published, I got the same vibe. I’m sure you have read it too. Get weird and let you Joy be made full!


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