“Dark Girls” Preview

If you think that white-black, black-white, and black-black ethnic tensions are a thing of the past, a closed chapter of history; if you’re willfully insulated into the view that everyone just needs to “get over it”; or if you still have a hard time acknowledging or accepting the deep and complex intricacies of the African American struggle both in our nation and in our churches — I would plead with you to awaken, to reconsider, to listen, and to care. Here’s one angle for your consideration (and there are many others). Look for the full documentary later this year.

HT: Shanley Knox & Cindi Gundersen

2 thoughts on ““Dark Girls” Preview

  1. Thanks for posting this! Looking forward to seeing it and being informed about views/situations our daughter will come across as she grows up!

  2. Thanks for posting this Gunner. It’s an issue that is so common it often gets overlooked in the Black community.


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