Ten Brief Reflections

  1. Sincerity may look like the courage to do what’s uncool, or the humility to do what’s cool.
  2. You have two options when things get tough: keep going or give up.
  3. Childhood is as precious as it is short.
  4. When exceptions are not exceptional, they should not be accepted.
  5. Saying no means saying yes, and saying yes means saying no.
    Most recent reminder: Todd Bolen
  6. We are not our titles, accomplishments, or resumes.  We are more, and we are less.
  7. The thing I defend most ardently when attacked is my idol.
  8. Priorities are the banks that make the river run strong.
  9. Distractions are silent killers.
  10. Experience eventually echoes Scripture, but should never be trusted in its place.


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