A New Job

When the Lord began directing us to Louisville and Southern Seminary, there was a hint of Abrahamic calling involved.  Only one aspect of the call was clear — the call to study.  We didn’t know where we would live, where I would work, how much I would make, who our friends would be, or what local church we would join.

But God has provided, and faith is becoming sight.

I now have the opportunity to serve as the Director of Student Life Programs at Boyce College, the undergraduate ministry training school on the campus of Southern Seminary.  I wasn’t planning on stepping into another Student Life ministry, but then again, I haven’t planned the last twenty-nine years, either.  I’m excited to bring schooling and work together on the same campus, to be in close proximity to my professors, to serve under and around my new Christ-centered and skilled co-laborers, to continue the happy ministry of working with college students, and to participate in the gospel wave that continues to roll through Southern Seminary.

This is a brand new position within a small and basic Student Life structure, meaning there’s plenty of room for envisioning and shaping and keeping carts behind horses.  This is good, because one of my goals in this next season of life is to say NO to potential distractions from the call to study.  But if I must spend forty hours a week earning money to provide for my family, I’m happy to be praying and brainstorming and envisioning and launching new Student Life initiatives that will express the gospel, edify young saints, paint the town with mercy, and further students’ enjoyment of God’s good creation.

We were thankful for the opportunity to study, and now we are thankful for the opportunity to work.

3 thoughts on “A New Job

  1. Gunner…

    That’s awesome news…Denny Burk, the dean of Boyce College, is a friend of our family. He attended my dad’s and my uncle’s preacher school years ago! I know it will be a blessing for you to work alongside of him.

    Praying for you guys and for your adoption.


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