To Live Is Christ | Trip Lee | “13 Letters”

To Live Is Christ (Philippians)
by Trip Lee
From “13 Letters”
Reach Records

HT: Ray Ortlund

The album “13 Letters” was a group project spearheaded by Reach Records.  Contributors include Lecrae, Tedashii, Sho Baraka, Trip Lee, Json, Flame, Shai Linne, 1-Lyfe, and Dillon Chase.

Track Listing:
1. Begin with the End
2. Dig In
3. Gospel Music (Romans)
4. Break it Down (1 Corinthians)
5. This is my Heart (2 Corinthians)
6. Justified (Galatians)
7. My City (Ephesians)
8. To Live is Christ (Philippians)
9. Let No Man (Colossians)
10. Keep the Faith (1 Thessalonians)
11. Stand Strong (2 Thessalonians)
12. Instructions (1 Timothy)
13. It’s Yours (2 Timothy)
14. Sound (Titus)
15. Take Em Back (Philemon)
16. Get Loose
17. Evolution
18. Carry Mine

I continue to rejoice at the glorious outbreak of Scripture-drenched and gospel-dominated music coming from our brothers in the hip-hop tradition.  Several of these young men are becoming standard-setters in the realm of doctrinally sound, biblically rich, artistically excellent music.

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