8 thoughts on “Dreaming and Doing

  1. (Actually, I thought their ‘talk’ was pretty good. I wish they’d talked more about art specifically rather than just generally-applicable stuff which could have been discussed in any chapel, but I though what they said was good.)

  2. Actually, I wasn’t thinking of the couple in chapel today at all. I did use the painting analogy but it was just the one that came to mind.
    I wasn’t really thinking of a specifically Christian context at all either – just the general American tendency to believe that you should always believe in yourself, and that saying “I can” is always brave while “I can’t” is always cowardly.
    You’re absolutely right – trusting in God is completely different than trusting in yourself. I really wish the couple today had explained a bit more about the DIFFERENCE between those, I didn’t mean to imply that they were trusting themselves and not God. Though, come to think of it, though it is true that we often say we’re trusting God when we’re really trusting us. I hadn’t thought about that so much.

  3. So true. Thanks for being an example of doing the “small” things; you and Cindi are both an encouragement to us.


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