Positive Ruling for Two Amani Families!

Great news:  This morning our Ugandan judge gave a positive ruling to two families that are adopting from Amani — the Anderson’s and the Pari’s.  We know the Pari’s personally because they live ten minutes away from us, and I got to spend a lot of time with their boy Jay when I was at the orphanage.  I don’t know the Anderson’s, but I know how they feel.  If all goes smoothly, we hope they can bring their children home within a few weeks.

This ruling was scheduled for today but we thought there was a good chance it might be postponed until June 29 since there are a number of hearings and rulings that have all been scheduled or pushed back to that day (including ours).

This is a huge step because these are the first families in our large group to get a positive ruling.  And it’s a special blessing to the orphanage administrators because they have put their heart and soul into this ministry for the past few years and have been eagerly waiting and praying for positive rulings to begin coming.  We’re all hoping and praying that this is the beginning of a long line of babies and children that will begin flowing into committed Christian homes.

God is the first, the middle, and the last cause of this ruling.  We bow and we praise Him.

My Friend Jay Pari: Coming Home Soon

Jay Pari Smiling

Dirty Jay

4 thoughts on “Positive Ruling for Two Amani Families!

  1. This has been an amazing story for me to watch unfold. Espeically since I am now in Honduras with orphans for a time.

    Your faith and courage and patience is such an amazing demonstration of God’s grace. I’ll keep praying!


  2. Gunner,
    This is such a family affair. God has brought this corner of His church together for this purpose, and it is awesome to experience the unity His Spirit brings. We agree that every positive step forward is one for all of us. I was confident that God could do a mighty work, but there was no way to know that He would. I don’t think the ramifications of today’s proceedings will sink in until I am departing Entebbe airport with Jay buckled in beside me.

    We continue to lift up all the families, and I am hoping to be down the road from the court, with my Jay on my knee, praying while your case is once again brought before the judge.

    Thank you for encouraging us through these posts and your faithful prayers.


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