Judah Walking

Here’s a short video of Judah walking towards Cindi during the orphanage’s daily family time on the lawn.  This was on Wednesday, April 4.  We think he looks like a baby gorilla walking — stable enough to move well but unstable enough to be cute and wobbly.  Kids are great.

7 thoughts on “Judah Walking

  1. I just had a chance to finally catch up on the news from Uganda! What a blessing! Thanks for keeping us updated. Judah is adorable, and I’m so thankful you’ve finally had a chance to meet him. I will definitely be praying for continued wisdom and for you to be able to bring him HOME soon!!

    What a cutie!

  2. ok… so I definitely did mean to say “unbelievably precious”… I obviously can’t type right now. :)

  3. Sooo precious! It’s unbelievely precious to see you together finally!! We will be praying and love you guys so much!

  4. Gunner and Cindi: Jen and I are with you in our prayers, and we pray that your hearts are comforted during this time of uncertainity. Judah is absolutely adorable, and what a blessing for you guys to be able to be sharing this time with him over there. Thanks for the posts…keep ’em coming!

  5. sooooo fantastic!!!!
    i can’t wait to meet him!
    I’m still smiling from the video…thanx for keeping us up on your time with him…makes us feel like we’re all with you!

    Happy Resurrection Sunday!


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