Radical Words of Jesus

I’m speaking four times at a high school camp this week, Monday through Friday, so I won’t be posting anything until the weekend.  I’d appreciate your prayers, as the last few weeks have been a whirlwind.  I’m preaching on some of the radical words of Jesus.  I can’t even do justice in my mind to some of the incredible, off-the-wall, upside-down things Jesus said, much less in my life and my preaching.  Pray for the Spirit to pierce the hearts of the high schoolers.  There’s so much potential with this age group because they don’t think in a box quite yet, so they’re willing to consider the outrageous and backwards and risky things that Jesus calls everyone to.  They haven’t yet learned to formulate the excuses that “Life’s more complicated than that” or “He’s just talking metaphorically” or “Yeah, but what about being wise?”

Thanks in advance for your prayers.

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