Some Amazing People

As a Resident Director at The Master's College, I'm privileged to work with some amazing people.  Today at our weekly RD Meeting, I was reminded of that once again.  After taking care of some administrative issues, we began discussing how we wanted to finish well over the last three weeks of the semester.  As always, I was challenged and blessed by what was shared.The RD's I minister with are very committed, very balanced, and very busy.  They really throw themselves into the lives of the students in their dorms.  I never cease to be inspired by how they labor to the point of fatigue and sickness and tears to care for those they love.  And for those of you out there who live in one of the dorms at TMC, I can only tell you that you're definitely loved by your RD.

You may not see him or her much.  You definitely don't see him or her as much as he or she would like.  You may have been in disciplinary conversations with him or her about something you did.  You may not like some of the rules that are enforced, or how they're enforced.  But out of the four RD's who had time to share at the end of today's meeting, two broke down in tears at the thought of the students in their dorms leaving at the end of the semester.  Why?  "I just really love them, I love watching what God's doing in their lives, I love being around them, and I'm going to miss them a lot.  This time of the year is always hard."  You don't force tears, friends.  They just come.  They come when you love.  And the people I was with in that afternoon meeting today — they love.

I know how I feel about the guys I used to minister to in Slight.  How I didn't want to leave when we moved dorms, how I wanted to still be a part of their lives and watch them grow, how I was going to miss the seniors I'd been with for years as well as the freshmen who I'd started getting to know.  And I know how I feel about the guys in Oak Manor & Cornerstone this year – how I long for them to follow Christ passionately, to love others fervently, to give of their time and resources and energy to build the kingdom; how I long for them to persevere 'til the end and never fall away, to pour themselves out for the sake of the unreached peoples of the world, to be businessmen and teachers and mechanics and writers and computer experts and pastors for the glory of God and the ingathering of the elect; and how I want them to love their wives and children faithfully, to be elders and deacons in the church someday, and to see them again in glory with more reward than I'll ever have because the Lord kept them radically and sacrificially faithful.

I know how I feel, but I was put to shame by the love that the RD's around me manifested for the guys and girls in their dorms.  This is one of the reasons why The Master's College has been such a foundational part of my life.  It pushes me and challenges me.  It's far from perfect – I think I know that better than most, being in the position I'm in.  And we in Student Life are far from perfect – I know that from the day-to-day challenges and weaknesses and failures I see in myself and in our team as we do our finite best to navigate the labyrinths of our own souls as well as the hearts of those around us.  But the eight RD's I serve alongside have my respect, my admiration, and my support.  I'll never forget the teams I was blessed to serve on here.  And I think it's only appropriate for me to voice my appreciation publicly.

Tonight, I'm trying to follow them as they follow Christ.  Praise God for footprints.  Especially when they never wander or waver.  And these never do.


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