My Study, and a Prayer by John Piper

This is one of the sporadic August postings.  I’m up late tonight because I took a nap this evening.  Also, based on a few gracious comments I’ve received (thanks to those of you who spoke/wrote – it’s encouraging), it seems like it’s beneficial to keep writing.

I’m very blessed to have the study/office that I have in our apartment at Oak Manor.  It can be quiet and closed off but can also be wide open to the rest of the apartment, which is perfect for the RD ministry.  After a year of living here, I’m very at home in it.  Also, there are lots of things in my study (where I’m currently sitting) that inspire me.  Lots of books, New Zealand rugby posters (missions trip in 2000), a globe, a Voice of the Martyrs prayer calendar, pictures of me with Cindi and John Piper and John MacArthur, a Galilee map, an Israel flag, and a pinned-up half-sheet of A.W. Tozer’s “Rules of Self-Discovery,” among other things.

One of those other things is a small sheet of paper pinned up on the bulletin board to my right.  It’s called “A Prayer for Our Church,” by John Piper.  I consider John Piper as a man who disciples me from afar.  The spiritual contribution that he has made to my life is incalculable.  I love this prayer that he wrote for Bethlehem Baptist Church on November 20, 2000.  Not only has it served as a prayer that I can and do echo with all of my heart for The Master’s College and the churches of Santa Clarita and the body of Christ throughout the world, but it also reminds me of what I want to be.  All I have to do is sit down in my study chair and look three feet to my right:


O Lord, by the truth of your Word, and the power of your Spirit and the ministry of your body, build men and women at Bethlehem . . .

Who don’t love the world more than God,
who don’t care if they make much money,
who don’t care if they own a house,
who don’t care if they have a new car or two cars,
who don’t need recent styles,
who don’t care if they get famous,
who don’t miss steak or fancy fare,
who don’t expect that life should be comfortable and easy,
who don’t feed their minds on TV each night,
who don’t measure truth with their finger in the wind,
who don’t get paralyzed by others’ disapproval,
who don’t return evil for evil,
who don’t hold grudges,
who don’t gossip,
who don’t twist the truth,
who don’t brag or boast,
who don’t whine or use body language to get pity,
who don’t criticize more than praise,
who don’t hang out in cliques,
who don’t eat too much or exercise too little;


who are ablaze for God,
who are utterly God-besotted,
who are filled with the Holy Spirit,
who strive to know the height and depth of Christ’s love,
who are crucified to the world and dead to sin,
who are purified by the Word and addicted to righteousness,
who are mighty in memorizing and using the Scriptures,
who keep the Lord’s Day holy and refreshing,
who are broken by the consciousness of sin,
who are thrilled by the wonder of free grace,
who are stunned into humble silence by the riches of God’s glory,
who are persevering constantly in prayer,
who are ruthless in self-denial,
who are fearless in public witness to Christ’s Lordship,
who are able to unmask error and blow away doctrinal haze,
who are tough in standing for the truth,
who are tender in touching hurting people,
who are passionate about reaching the peoples who have no church,
who are pro-life for the sake of babies and moms and dads and the glory of God,
who are keepers of all their promises, including marriage vows,
who are content with what they have and trusting the promises of God,
who are patient and kind and meek when life is hard.

Pressing for all there is in Christ,

Pastor John


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